Sunday, March 29, 2009

I remember being in sixth grade. I remember walking trails behind school to get to a friend's house near the foothills of Atalaya Mountain. I remember ice skating every Friday and trips to movies and starbucks and laying in hammocks for hours and not really crying much. I remember going to Girls Inc. aftercare and waiting for the van day after day and being the last girl to get picked up by her mom who had to work overtime night after night to keep us sustained. I remember the day that we played hooky and went for huevos rancheros at Tia Sophia's and then saw a movie and spent the day driving aimlessly just so I could listen to the radio. I remember that old beat up toyota and how I was embarrassed to be dropped off to school in it. Taking it to Mexico where I slept in the back with a padding of foam, floral printed curtains made me more at home and a 20 dollar disc player with a PJ Harvey cd. I didnt need blankets, it was too hot anyway. Minnie and Jim lived on the RV Park down the beach, they would buy me root beers and fresh tortillas and burritos every morning. I wonder if i'll remember this year as well as well as sixth grade, since I wont have a grade to remember the year by anymore.

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