Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On the way to Colorado I stopped at an old church and graveyard just outside of Ojo Caliente. I'd been there once before, long ago with a friend, but never went inside of the church. The building is a run down light shade of pink adobe, with a turquoise doorway and a cracking hand painted mural of Our Lady of Guadeloupe displayed on the side. After taking some pictures I noticed an old chevy parked in a small dirt lot a couple of footsteps behind the church. I walked in and saw an older woman kneeling in prayer with a knockoff prada purse at her side. I tried to stay out of her way and take some pictures from the back without flash, hoping she wouldnt notice me. She walked over to me and started telling me the story of how her husband died, I stood and listened as long as I could before explaining to her that I was on my way out of the state and really had to be on my way. She thanked me for my ear and patted my shoulder.

Upon arriving at the Creede house, I was greeted with open arms and the warmth of a place that has always been my retreat. I made lemon shrimp pasta with my grandfather and lit candles while talking about divisions within feminism and performative politics with my grandmother over dinner. I played ukulele by the fireplace and baked brownies as the sun started to set. We're nestled in the mountains and fields and the rio grande is literally down the street. The clouds fall close to the ground, its almost as if I could touch them. This morning I woke up saw three elk in the backyard lapping at the small patches of snow on the ground before our dog chased them off. Soon I will be heading out for a hike and into town for some groceries and coffee.

Im realizing more and more how important mobility is to me, how much I need that in my life. Having the freedom to drive anywhere, be anywhere, having the time to do so. Its standard of living that i've always been kind of afraid of, but im realzing more and more how rewarding it will be to suck it up and brave it out. I've never felt so close to my family and its feeling really good right about now.

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