Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some people might think that blogs are the not right place for this. Some people might think that facebook is, or myspace or livejournal. For the record, I will say now, that this blog is for my output and interest only. I may have interviews, I may post music, I may post my thoughts on queer performance and infiltration of space and the importance that it has on the standards upheld by mainstream hetero and homonormative society. I may post pictures of me and my friends with a 12 pack of Modelo, a pound of brisket, frilly pink things and discussions about Dean Moriarty and our awkward childhoods. Generally, this is a rant blog from the perspective of a queer 19 year old post-opera major who is living and surviving day by day in New Mexico. A place that looks like the moon late at night.

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